Pacemaker Enterprise

The Pacemaker Enterprise is designed for store operators and marketplaces that often have to integrate many systems.

Pacemaker Enterprise can ensure that, in addition to processing large amounts of data quickly and reliably, processes are managed so that there is no overlap and ultimately no inconsistent data.

With the integrated pipelines, we can model the processes so that it is possible to precisely control which processes should run or which processes may also run in parallel without causing collisions.

  • Open source and community-driven

  • Covers requirements of small projects

  • Suitable for integration of any number of third party systems

  • Optimal for processing small and medium amounts of data

  • Optimal for agencies with developer know-how

  • Easy debugging, high flexibility, and extensibility

  • Declarative approach (without programming)

  • CLI user interface for easy integration and operation via console (CLI)