Pacemaker Community

The Pacemaker Community version is ideal for smaller projects that are mainly looking for a solution that allows the catalog to be populated quickly and reliably via an external system such as a PIM.

  • Pacemaker Community includes the Pacemaker Import Community component

  • Pacemaker Community is the foundation for all other editions

  • Covers requirements of small projects

  • Suitable for integration of any number of third party systems

  • Optimal for processing small and medium amounts of data

  • Optimal for agencies with developer know-how

  • Easy debugging, high flexibility, and extensibility

  • Declarative approach (without programming)

  • CLI user interface for easy integration and operation via console (CLI)

By using Pacemaker Community, small and medium-sized data volumes can be processed quickly and reliably, which leads to a significant improvement in data quality in the store and thus to a better user experience.

Pacemaker Community contains all core features for importing entities as listed

Pacemaker Import Community is part of the Pacemaker Community Edition and therefore free of charge.

Before you start, remember that we’ve prepared a complete set of sample data (based on the original Magento 2 sample data).

The sample data containing
  • attribute-sets

  • attributes

  • categories

  • products

Please check out our sample data repository when you will test Pacemaker Import Community or find out how the CSV files have to be structured.