Multi Websites/Stores import of products including tier prices

  • Full product import with the data field structure for the field tier prices

    • For the product import of multiple websites/shops, the additional CSV product import data tier_prices field is required

Admin row

  • Add additional column

    • First step: Add the column tier_prices to the CSV file with the product data

      • When importing tier_prices to multiple store views, the tier_prices field must be populated with the following given format and separated by a pipe ( | )

      • No list element escaping required

  • Example store view 1

qty=5,price=51.000000,value_type=fixed,website=All Websites,customer_group=ALL GROUPS
  • Example store view 2

  • Example store view 3

qty=10,price=47.750000,value_type=discount,website=base,customer_group=ALL GROUPS
  • Example tier_prices field result. The data sets are seperated by pipes (|)

qty=5,price=51.000000,value_type=fixed,website=All Websites,customer_group=ALL GROUPS|qty=15,price=3.00,value_type=fixed,website=additional_base,customer_group=General|qty=10,price=47.750000,value_type=discount,website=base,customer_group=ALL GROUPS
  • There is no limit to how many rows with tier prices the column contains

    • The pipe ( | ) separates each row with tier prices, while each row/column containing attribute_code value pairs gets separated by the standard comma ( , )

  • The attribute_code value pairs themselves are separated by the = character

  • Our sample data provide a example of how the file format shoud be

Column tier_prices value structure
Attribute Example Description



The number entered determines when a tier_price takes effect



The value entered under price takes effect when the min. count specified under qty is reached or greater



The value type is defind by a choice of 2 Values
  • fixed

  • discount


All Websites

  • The website value is defind by the unique Website Code website_code

  • The Value All Websites is predefined by Magento

import file structure tier prices
Magento Backend > Stores > All Stores ⇒ add the Web Site Code to the attribute website=additional_base



The Customer Group defines the associated User Group

  • General

  • Retailer


  • Wholesale

  • The website_code for each additional store view, is entered at the argument website=<WEBSITE CODE>

  • No entry in the store_view_code field

Store view

In the field store_view_code, the corresponding store view code (default, de_de, en_us, …​) must be entered for each additional store view, except for the admin row.

For the following store code related product add-on values, no entry in the tier_prices field is required

  • if you want to track the import more carefully in the directory importexport, feel free to use following additional params to import products

--archive-artefacts=false --clear-artefacts=false (1)
1 see --archive-artefacts and --clear-artefacts description
  • Add the Store View Code to the field store_view_code in your import CSV file (Example: de_de, en_us, …​)

import file structure tier prices store view
vendor/bin/import-simple import:products --archive-artefacts=false --clear-artefacts=false
  • The additional arguments make sure that the imported files and logs are not removed after a import

  • You will find all processed files after a import in a new created folder named as timestamp

  • Using the parameters --archive-artefacts and --clear-artefacts a new directory will be created with the current timestamp as directory name

import file structure tier prices store view artifact