Compatibility & extensions

The structure for the Product import is almost 100% compatible with the Magento 2 CSV structure.

Please check out the Magento 2 documentation for a more detailed description of the CSV file structure.

  • Magento extends in exceptional cases (complex data), especially for the standard CSV format, the product import, and offers advanced data serialization to enhance the standard CSV format.

  • Magento describes this on a dedicated own website page. In addition to the topics covered by Magento itself, an additional attributes column also uses a refined data format like the extra attributes provided.

  • In addition to the Magento 2 CSV structure, it is possible to add additional columns to allow tier prices and MSI stock data to be part of the product import.

  • As well as the column with the additional attributes, both columns also contain serialized data.

  • During the product import, Pacemaker Import Community extracts the data from the columns and creates separate CSV files.

  • These CSV files use 1:1 the format also described for MSI and Tier Prices described, and import them to the associated sections.

  • After the product imports are complete, Pacemaker Import Community imports the tier prices and the MSI data.