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Pacemaker Professional

Pacemaker Professional is intended for store operators who need to process large and very large amounts of data in the shortest possible time or at short intervals, and who are therefore dependent on maximum performance.

Furthermore, Pacemaker Professional contains additional features such as the import of videos or custom options.

  • Enhancements and optimizations for the Pacemaker Import Community

  • Improved performance and import properties are with dedicated caching mechanisms

  • Upload and import functions are provided in the Magento admin backend

The use of Pacemaker Professional is particularly suitable if an in-house solution, such as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), is available for process control and is to be used.

Pacemaker Professional contains enhancements and optimizations for the Pacemaker Community: added with the component Pacemaker Import Pro
  • Improved dedicated caching mechanisms for Performance and import properties

  • Provided Magento admin backend Upload and import functions

  • Admin UI to quickly start and monitor imports from the backend

  • Access to substantial documentation with solutions and best practices


  • Smile Integration