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Import GUI

The Import GUI is an add-on for:
  • Magento 2 Community Edition (CE)

  • Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE)

The Import GUI enables store operators and Magento backend users to:
  • Upload import files, e.g., in CSV format

  • Creating the .ok file and starting the import process

Use one of the following provided methods:
The CLI manually using the following command:
bin/magento pacemaker:import <ID>

Configure the GUI

When using the GUI with Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE), the configuration can be found under the Magento backend path Stores  Configuration  TechDivision  Pacemaker  Upload and should contain the displayed values.

Configuration in Magento Backend
Configuration in Magento Backend

GUI settings

  • Caching during the import is not very helpful, because the main impact on the performance will have the CRUD operations that can not be cached

  • In case the import is processed over a network e.g., in the cloud, it can be helpful to lower the time necessary to load the data from the DB

  • Additionally, the cache warming functionality will only work if the cache will get enabled

  • See the Pacemaker Community Edition

Option Default Description



Path to the Pacemaker executor, the default value is vendor/bin/pacemaker

The configuration value for Commandline should be set to the Pacemaker CLI that has to get used to create the .ok file that is necessary to start the import.

Working Directory


Path to the Pacemaker working directory

As a pipeline should get used to importing the files, the configuration value for Working Directory has to be the same as for the Pacemaker Enterprise Edition Working directory, but without the leading var/.

Enable CRON


Enable/disable the Magento CRON

  • The configuration for Enable CRON must not get set to Yes

  • In certain situations, the Magento default CRON will get used to start the import and transfer through the corresponding pipeline

Line Count System.log


Number of displayed log lines for the system log

Upload single File


This config will check if only one file should be imported

Upload files

The GUI offers the possibility of the settings for the import process to upload CSV files, e.g., the mode to use add-update.

Depending on the GUI configuration and the Pacemaker Enterprise Edition used, the uploaded files will be imported directly or by one of the pipelines.

  • In combination with Pacemaker Enterprise Edition and the configuration described above, the upload GUI can only get used to uploading files

  • It is not possible to configure the import itself since the import is taken over and executed by the pipeline configuration

  • The configuration has no effect

Upload GUI settings for import files

Upload GUI for import files
Upload GUI
Option Default Description


--Please Select--

Default Pacemaker Pipelines

  • Using the Pipelines drop-down list, the pipeline that matches the uploaded files must be selected

  • This pipelines list is generated from the pipeline.xml

  • If the entity Product is selected, the additional dropdown Import Mode will be displayed.

Pipeline Step

--Please Select--

Defines the steps that belong to the pipeline



Defines the type of operation to perform for a data import

see Magento 2 Community Edition (CE) Shortcuts

  • validate

  • convert

  • add-update

  • replace

  • delete

Additional Parameters

Archive Artifacts

Check if you want to archive the import as artifact

Debug Mode

Check if you want more options for the import mode

  • If checked the additional dropdown Import Mode gets displayed with additional options

Import Mode


The Default import mode imports all the data that is available in the file, even the data has changed since the last import or not.

Change-Set Detection

The import mode Change-Set Detection will compare the data (configurable change-sets) from the database with the one found in the import files and only updates the DB if the data has been changed.

It can improve performance massively in add-update mode, as invoking DB CRUD operations are very performance intensive.

  • The mode Change-Set Detection will be the default mode when importing data via default Pacemaker pipeline.

It should be considered well also to activate the cache warming functionality, because this can additionally have a significant impact on performance because all the data to be compared to, will be loaded during the bootstrap process in a very efficient manner.

Timestamp Detection

Single Transaction

Check if you want to run the import a single transaction

Cache Enabled

Check if you want to enable the cache for the import

Import Single Mode


  • This option can currently only be controlled via the global configuration "Pacemaker >> Upload Configuration >> Upload >> Import Single File".

  • with this mode random files could be uploaded that do not match the regex of the file.

  • The checkbox indicates whether only one or several file uploads are possible.

Log Level


Set the desired log level

The log file named system.log gets placed in the import artifacts or archived artifact directory, if the appropriate checkbox gets set

  • debug

  • info

  • notice

  • warning

  • error

  • critical

  • alert

  • emergency

File Upload

Dialog to upload a desired import file

Example Uploads Types

Upload GUI Multiple file for import files
Upload GUI Multiple files
Upload GUI Single file and random for import files
Upload GUI Single file and random for import files

Import GUI Listing

In the grid, the data is displayed, such as the 'pipeline' column and all the other fields you had in the form.

The action OK moves the files from the temporary folder to the working directory or starts the corresponding pipeline (e.g. pacemaker_import_catalog).

Upload Grid
Pacemaker Import Upload
  • In combination with Pacemaker Enterprise Edition the upload GUI can only get used to uploading files

  • It is not possible to configure the import itself since the import is taken over and executed by the pipeline configuration

  • The configuration has no effect

  • With the column "Action" you can get more information about the imported step

Upload Grid Pipeline Imported
Pacemaker Import Upload, Pipeline imported