Pacemaker for Magento explained

To ensure a fast and smoothly functioning store system.

Pacemaker acts as a guide and assistant to ensure that communication and efficient data exchange between third-party vendors as ERP, PIM, CRM and Magento runs smoothly.

What are the benefits of Pacemaker?

Efficient and stable connection of third-party systems

  • Pacemaker is a proven and scalable platform for connecting third-party systems such as ERP or PIM solutions to Magento 2 quickly, securely, and efficiently.

  • The focus is on maximum performance and optimized memory consumption.

  • Pacemaker comes with a standard connector that supports different formats such as XML and CSV.

Full automation of processes

Pacemaker allows you to break down all processes into small independent steps and automate them completely, transparently, and securely via pipelines, depending on conditions.

  • Import of products

  • Import of categories

  • Import of attributes + attribute sets

  • Import of prices + stock

  • Import of customers + addresses

  • Export sitemap or data feed

  • Dispatch newsletter (running)

  • and much more

A complete picture of the system status

The Pacemaker Dashboard allows them to have a complete picture of the data in the system at any time and an overview of the status of the automated processes as well.

If problems occur, such as incorrect prices or missing stock, the responsible employees are informed, e.g., by e-mail.

In addition, Pacemaker supports the search by providing all necessary information at any time via the CLI or the Magento Admin.