Migration from Pacemaker 1.3.x to 2.x

The Migration from Pacemaker 1.3.x is a 2-step process to follow.

Step one, remove all Pacemaker modules

Remove all related Pacemaker modules of the techdivision/pacemaker version; the following command must get executed:

composer remove techdivision/pacemaker-sap
composer remove techdivision/pacemaker

Step two, reinstall the Pacemaker components

To reinstall the same modules as in Pacemaker 1.3.x, you need the following components installed:

Not all components of Pacemaker 1.3.x are needed; only the used components have to be installed.

composer require pacemaker/component-import-community ^3.x.x
composer require pacemaker/component-import-pro ^1.x.x
composer require pacemaker/component-process-pipelines ^1.x.x
composer require pacemaker/component-import-pipelines ^2.x.x
composer require pacemaker/component-order-export ^2.x.x
composer require pacemaker/component-order-update ^1.x.x
composer require pacemaker/component-sap ^1.x.x