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Configure heartbeat cron

The heartbeat cronjob must be configured and executed as the most important part of Pacemaker.

  • The heartbeat performs the condition checks for pipelines that are ready for completion and initiates them

  • At the same time, the heartbeat checks conditions for steps within existing pipelines and triggers execution, when a step is ready for execution

Default configuration

By default, you should create a new crontab entry within your OS as follows:
This configuration will run the heartbeat every minute
* * * * *  /usr/bin/env php <PATH_TO_MAGENTO_ROOT>/bin/magento pipeline:heartbeat

Another heartbeat interval example

If you need to run the heartbeat less often than every minute, you need to define the pulse to avoid time gaps within time-based conditions.

For example, for a heartbeat, which is running every two minutes:
*/2 * * * *  /usr/bin/env php <PATH_TO_MAGENTO_ROOT>/bin/magento pipeline:heartbeat --pulse 2