The configuration array contains all the configuration for a Pacemaker Import Community project.

For more information about the pre-defined configuration, see Pacemaker Import Community predefined configuration reference.

  • The Pacemaker Import Community consists of one or more collected files in JSON format

  • If the configuration option has not been specified, the system tries to locate the Magento Edition, based on the specified installation-dir option

  • The configuration does not include a database configuration or an image directory by default

  • It is strongly recommended that, by default, the value for custom-configuration-dir is <magento-install-directory>/app/etc/configuration

  • As soon as a default configuration is copied, changed, extended, or modified and stored under the path specified in custom-configuration-dir, only this configuration takes effect and always overwrites the original configuration

  • The configuration handling is mainly based on the PHP framework Symfony, and therefore unexpected effects maid occur in different configuration constellations

    • Consequently, it is always recommended to test modified configurations concerning unwanted side effects

Override priority for user-defined values:
  1. Values set on the command line with --params will override values defined in the configuration file

  2. Values specified under a separate file set with the --params-file option in the configuration file will override values set on the command line

  • Pacemaker Import Community configuration is based on the JSON file format

  • The configuration contains information that gets passed to Pacemaker Import Community

  • A configuration specifies properties and settings necessary for Pacemaker Import Community to run correctly

  • Each configuration specifies the section that contains information and settings related to it

  • You can add or remove your custom configuration settings and edit them directly in the JSON file provided

  • All entities are combined into one JSON file

  • A specific overwriting of individual settings is possible

  • You can add any number of pre-defined or custom configurations to the file

  • If no configuration file is specified, it will be loaded and merged from the individual parts that come with the relevant repositories

General configuration

The general configuration contains necessary metadata such as the Magento edition and version, which is needed when Pacemaker Import Community is accessed from a directory other than the Magento installation directory and without the --installation-dir option.

This configuration can also set default values, for example, if you want to change the default operation from add-update to replace.


For changing the general metadata, we recommend putting a snippet, for example, named <custom-configuration-dir>/configuration.json, in the custom configuration directory
  "magento-edition": "CE",
  "magento-version": "2.3.1",
  "operation-name" : "replace", (1)
  "table-prefix": "test_",
  "installation-dir" : "/var/www/magento"
1 Configuration property operation-name gets set to replace

Global parameter

Global parameters in the configuration file allow developers to pass specific configuration values from the configuration file itself.

The Specific configuration parameter can get supplied via CLI with the --params option or a custom configuration file including the --params-file option through its import logic, e.g., project-specific observers.