Customer & addresses

Pacemaker Import Community provides the command import:customers and command import:customers:address command for the customer and customer address .

The individual parts of the file name must match the pattern as followed:

is by default the loation of your working directory <ROOT-DIRECTORY>/var/pacemaker/import/


The <PREFIX> of the import filename represents the customer-import area.

  • The <PREFIX> is:

    • customer-import for the customer import

    • customer-address-import for the customer address import


The mandatory Delimiter ( _ ) for the import filename between <PREFIX> and <FILENAME> is a underscore ( _ ).


The filename is a autogenerated combination of date and time.

  • As a result, the filename look like:

    • customer-address-import_20190608-114344_01.csv for customers

    • customer-address-import_20190608-114344_01.csv for customer addresses.


The mandatory Delimiter ( _ ) for the structured filename between <FILENAME> and <COUNTER> is underscore ( _ ).


is a incremental number with two digits starting with 01.

SUFFIX (filename extension):

The Pacemaker Import Community uses the <SUFFIX> .csv as default for the import files.

.OK file:
Bunch import:
  • The Bunch import requires the same predefined filename structure as described.

Your CSV file var/pacemaker/import/customer-import_20190608-114344_01.csv is now ready for import.