Product Links

Pacemaker Import Community offers the possibility to import product links, including their positions.

Following links are supported
  • related

  • upsell

  • crosssell

Pacemaker Import Community also supports the import of grouped products with the link type super.

That allows importing products with a grouped product.

To import super link types, you only need to create a comma ( , ) separated list of linked products and then specified them in the corresponding column.

  • column related_skus for related products that will get rendered on the product detail page

  • column upsell_skus for upsell products that will get rendered on the product detail page

  • column crosssell_skus for crosssell products that will get rendered on the shopping cart

  • column associated_skus for products that will be part of a grouped product, which will also get rendered on the product detail page

Table 1. The columns for importing these link types may look like this:
sku …​ related_skus upsell_skus crosssell_skus associated_skus …​






Additionally to the SKUs of linked products themselves, it is also possible to specify the position for related products.

sku …​ related_position upsell_position crosssell_position associated_position …​





  • The position is a comma (,) separated list, but it contains numbers instead of SKUs.

  • The numbers define the linked product’s position displayed in the GUI.

Please note that the positions of the columns are not mandatory, and the columns can also be left empty.

  • If columns are left empty, Pacemaker Import Community will create the position itself, based on the specified SKUs order

  • If positioning changes in Magento backend, it will be overwritten with the following import operation