Pacemaker also processes bunches (packages).

  • The bunch functionality is very helpful in a multi-threaded or multi-processing environment where packages can get imported in parallel

  • For bunches it is intended to give the developer an idea of how multi-processing functionality can get implemented

  • A bunch is a CSV file that represents only a part of a complete import

    • It does not matter what kind of data a bunch contains because the importer will process the data in the required order

  • The first step is to import all simple products included in a bunch.

  • After the bunch import, information such as created entity IDs is linked to the necessary imported SKUs to import all related product data

    • bundles

    • configurable products

    • images

    • related products

It is now possible to import the associated released product data step by step and in parallel
To split an import into multiple bunches, the bunch files MUST match the following patterns:


is by default the loation of your working directory <ROOT-DIRECTORY>/var/pacemaker/import/


The <PREFIX> of the import filename represents the product-import area.


The mandatory Delimiter ( _ ) for the import filename between <PREFIX> and <FILENAME> is a underscore ( _ ).


The filename is a autogenerated combination of date and time.

  • As a result, the filename look like product-import_20190608-114344_01.csv.


The mandatory Delimiter ( _ ) for the structured filename between <FILENAME> and <COUNTER> is underscore ( _ ).


is a incremental number with two digits starting with 01.

SUFFIX (filename extension):

The Pacemaker Import Community uses the <SUFFIX> .csv as default for the import files.

Example: the following CSV files containing the product sample data and will get imported as one bundle.

When you start the import process by calling the appropriate import command, these files get imported as if they were a single file.

It is NOT necessary to call the importer four times.