Install as PHAR


Developers mainly use this installation variant for standalone projects because they perform many customizations.

Download the latest PHAR Version from our Github release page and make it executable, e.g. with wget
  • In the current version, no own configuration file exists

  • It is unnecessary to refer to a configuration file within the PHAR

wget \
&& sudo chmod +x import-cli-simple.phar
To install the PHAR in your Magento 2 installation, move it either to
  • <MAGENTO-ROOT>/vendor/bin/

mv import-cli-simple.phar bin
Or move it to the following Magento directory
  • <MAGENTO-ROOT>/bin/

To install it globally, move it to
make sure to set the rights properly, to perform this command on your Operation System
mv import-cli-simple.phar /usr/bin/


PHAR file structure after install
    └── bin
            └── import-cli-simple.phar


To use the Pacemaker Import Community after the installation is complete, the following command is to use
Example: main command call
bin/import-cli-simple.phar <command>:<argument> <option>
Example: display a list of all existing commands
bin/import-cli-simple.phar list


Example: display a list of all existing commands without the list argument


import simple command list