Default column values

It can be helpful to store default values for columns that get not included in the CSV file.

  • It is strongly recommended that, by default, the value for custom-configuration-dir is <magento-install-directory>/app/etc/configuration

  • As soon as a default configuration is copied, changed, extended, or modified and stored under the path specified in custom-configuration-dir, only this configuration takes effect and always overwrites the original configuration

  • The configuration handling is mainly based on the PHP framework Symfony, and therefore unexpected effects maid occur in different configuration constellations

    • Consequently, it is always recommended to test modified configurations concerning unwanted side effects


  • Only for simple products; therefore, the column product_type is unnecessary.

A custom snippet can get used to define default values for columns not included in the CSV file.

The following fragment must look like the below displayed code:
  "default-values": {
    "catalog_product": {
      "my-column": "my-column-value" (1)
1 For each user-defined field, a key-value pair can get specified
  • The default value can get used only if the CSV file does not contain the column

  • If the column exists, the column value always gets used, even if the column is empty