Delta import

In addition to the full import functionality, Pacemaker Community Edition also supports the delta import function.

You can add, delete, or update data.

You can specify required changes to an existing import file and merge them to create a modification of the original that includes only the specified changes (the "delta").

That is useful to support faster and more targeted import for specific data and its adjustments.

The delta import supports SKUs that is not part of the current CSV files:
  • all link types

    • up-sell

    • cross-sell

    • related

  • variant products

  • grouped products

  • bundled products

In contrast to a full import, which requires the following call of the corresponding indexers, after a delta import, it provides the delta indexing functionality and takes care of the necessary index updates.

The delta indexer must get initiated via the standard Magento CRON job, not the command line.